Think and Grow Rich(Summary)

-By Napoleon Hill

The author himself has said that creative imagination is not important, we shall discuss this.

Step 1-Desire

This is not a wish or a hope. It is something that you need desperately, so much that your living depends on it. It is definite. Edwin Barnes wanted to become a partner of the inventor of the first electric light bulb, Thomas Edison. Edwin wasn’t very educated or rich but… he had a desperate and definite burning desire.When he met Thomas Edison all he was told to do were some small, not so well-paid jobs. Soon, Thomas Edison invented the dictating machine. He was told that he would not be able to sell this machine. Edwin came up to him and confidently declared that he would sell this machine. The sales of this machine sky rocketed. From then on wards they formed a great friendship. This was the secret to Edwin Barnes success.

This book talks about our brain’s thinking controlling our lives. These are 4 steps on how to achieve that burning desire inside of you.

Step 1- Setting your goals

This goal should be specific, maybe the amount of money or the property that you wish to have.

Step 2-What sill the universe get from allowing you to succeed?

This could be absolutely anything, blogging, restaurant owner, farmer anything!

Step 3-Setting the deadline

By what time must you achieve this goal? This question would be answered specifically, else you will not ever be able to know when to achieve your goal.

Step 4- Creating a plan

What is your plan to get what you want by the end of the deadline. This does not have to be accurate, you can mould your plan as you move closer to your goal.

Write and read these steps that you must follow.

Step 2-Faith

Edwin Barnes achieved success not only because he wanted to partner up with Thomas Edison. That making it his burning desire. What was the cause of his consistency to maintaining such a desire over many years? This was faith. Now, how do we get Faith?

Step 3-Auto-suggestion

In spite of continuosly facing imbalances on his faith how did Edwin Barnes still win? he used this technique. You may remember the first time you tied your shoe laces. It was hard, it went through your conscious mind. On repeating this, the action finally entered your subconscious mind. What ever is your goal, it will only be achieved when stored in the subconscious mind.

Hence, this can be defined as something that you constantly repeat to yourself or what someone repeatedly said to you. It could be that you were told it is very hard, thus not in your capability. When anyone talks about money, it weirdly becomes waste of time. This is only because it is in your subconscious mind that your incapability will never allow you to cross that barrier against success.

This does not mean that you will gain your goals by day dreaming. Lets take an example. You want 5000 dollars by the end of the week hence you shall offer to the universe your music. Visualise this scene, how do those 5000 dollars look on an amazing Sunday. Think about everything, your feelings, where are these 5000 dollars from, everything! You have achieved your goal. Do this once in the morning and once at night. Do this painting with all your paints that is your emotions and the thickest brush-belief. When reading theses statements paint your image, there are two rules- Consistency and most importantly BELIEF. They are also the hard parts. These messages are your pets, they take love and affection to be tamed, whereas these messages feed on belief and strong emotions.

Step 4- Specialised knowledge

This knowledge is dedicated to step 2, you must be an expert in what you dare to offer to the universe. This does not mean you must restrict to learning it yourself, you can also hire somebody. There are people who have this special knowledge but they don’t know how to use it. This is where you come in, you know how to use this special knowledge. Knowledge is not power, it is to be power or potential power. It takes the form of kinetic power when you use a specific type of knowledge. Specialized knowledge.

Step 5-Imagination

There are two types of imagination:

Synthetic ImaginationCreative Imagination
From the pastFrom the present
-Ideas sparked from our past knowledge and lessons-Ideas sparked from:6th sense The future

Creative imagination is the one you have to use to create your success plan. We will discuss creative imagination more in the future.

Step 6-Organized planning.

If it is required that you work in a team to achieve your goal, you must. Think about what will you give your team? ; what members should you hire, maybe not the ones who you don’t expect will collaborate.

Your plans may fail awfully, but you must retry. Take an example of a business, you may want to remember your customer being your boss. Do it with good spirit and hopefulness not for money but for contributing to the universe. Maintain your quantity and quality. Ask yourself HOW, was my service, can i get better, are my relationships with my team members, can i invest in my company, horrible were my mistakes, do i improve my mistakes?

Step 7-Decision

Be firm on your decisions. You have the liberty to change your decisions but not unnecessarily, only when desperately required. This is your burning desire and plan’s job.

Step 8-Persistence

If you take Thomas Edison for a stupendous example. He had created 10,000 light bulb samples and needed only one that would work. Ask this to yourself. Do i have a goal, desire, plan, positivity?

Step 9- Power of the mastermind

A mastermind is born when two or more then two people combine their wild ideas, to get a desirable output. These are the benefits-

You recieve support

More people=More energy=More results

The subconscious mind is a reciever of ideas, creative imagination is the influencer. You will recieve these thoughts from the universe and the mind.

Step 10-The subconscious mind

Our brain attracts anything it likes, you can control this intake by auto-suggestion. Positivity is always better although a little harder to intake.

Step 11-The brain

You release your thoughts from the brain and recieve it from imagination

Step 12- The sixth sense

This is creative imagination- This was used by Thomas Edison, with belief and patience he invented the light bulb.

If you have these six fears creative imagination is pretty much useless.

poverty, criticism, ill health, not being loved, old age and death.

The author himself has said, that creative imagination is not very much of a requirement.

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