Think straight(summary)

chaos to clearness

Our story begins with the author entering London, a bustling town with not an inch to be spared. The author shoved his way through. The author decided he would live in a rented house, then he would call his family over after finding a good house for them. So he set his plan into action which was successful! He found a good house for his family, then he called his brother, mother and his father to come and live with him.

This plan however backfired, as when he came to the house with his family the landlady denied their stay. That day he and his family slept in the car. well at least his family did sleep if not him, he continuously kept blaming himself for everything. He has described this thinking as not over thinking but over drama. The next day the author booked a flat for his family at airbnb and set out to find a proper flat. Now another landlady called the author and told him that she was ready to give him her flat for rent. This explains that what happens if we think clearly.

life has ups and downs

We must think straight but not without thinking, that is we should be prepared for our plans going down hill. You must also think for a backup plan for future setbacks. For example the author once wanted to invest in a real estate, and now living in london, he had enough money for that, but instead of investing in london and presurizing himself, he invested in a small house in his home town.

stop thinking

we think all day, and millions of thoughts rush inside our minds.This we cannot stop. These thoughts can be either good or bad. The bad thoughts usually are based on anxiety and fear which stop us from achieving success. Thus it is required we rid ourselves of the bad thoughts. This you can do by giving less importance to bad thoughts.

things in and out of your control

if you really wish to eliminate all useless thoughts, you must concentrate on things in your control instead of things out of control. the author has told us in this book therea re only to questions required to be thought about.

how to solve a problem

how to understand a concept

taking time to think

a quick decision is a wrong decision. we give an answer at times without thinking afraid of losing respect.

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