Tools of Titans(Summary)

-By Tim Ferris

Common traits of successful people

If you closely observe successful people you will see some common traits, such as:

Daily mindfulness


Habit of listening to a single song repeatedly to increase focus

Knowing that failure cannot withstand belief

Turning weakness to strength

2 principles of success

If you analyse any successful people you will see these 2 principles present in these people.

the first principle- How ever success is defined it can always be achieved with field tested beliefs and habits. These are obtained when you copy! Copy good habits of successful people

the second principle- Your idol also had weaknesses that were destroyed by him/her. As they worked on their weaknesses they were successful in destroying them.

Three tools that can summarise this whole book

  1. think -I can think and take the right decisions.
  2. wait- I can wait for long term pleasure.
  3. fast – I can fast and endure difficulties.

Advice from the Titans

This is advice from two important titans, I would like to share with you

Paul Levesque- A wrestler

He is very busy hence he works out at night from 10 to 1. He says that children learn what they see. Thus it is of great importance to set examples.

Find differences between goals and dreams. Successful people have structured goals. Goals are something you know that you want, dreams are temporary. So instead of dreams have goals. Successful people have well structured goals. He had also told us to not live in the future but in the present.

Tonny Robbins- An author, trainer and investor

According to Tonny the morning is the most prosperous time. Thus he schedules three sessions for three minutes for three things daily. These sessions take place usually in the morning.

  1. for what I am grateful
  2. feel the presence of god
  3. three things I wish to complete
  4. These were just two titans I summarised for you, I recommend you read the entire book. Finding out about more titans will give you more idea about success thus enabling your mind to react to different circumstances

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