Weekend Trips In Jaipur

Weekend trips in Jaipur

1.Bharatpur: The British failed to conquer Bharatpur. The pride you see in a local’s eyes is unmistakable. Plan your trip for visits to Bharatpur National Park. In Indian history Lohagarh Fort is one of the strongest. Definitely pay a visit.

2.Vrindawan: Vrindawan is a city of distinctive historical and religious significance. In accord with the hindu mythology a god named Krishna spent his childhood in this city that still exists 2000 years later. Therefore from generation to generation many local temples tell his tales that had been passed on.

3.Pushkar: Pushkar is a city of pilgrimage, a place where sikh and hindu devotees find peace. Pushkar is famous for annual fair celebration during autumn. Nearly 200,000 people come to this fair. The Pushkar lake is also famous to cure skin diseases and eliminate sins if you take a bath in it. 500 temples surround the sacred lake.

4.Gwalior: Gwalior is famous for its heritage and history. You will also find some ancient tombs in the city. The place is known for its architectural marvels and temples. Monuments envelope you of mesmerizing architecture. The most impenetrable fort in India is the Gwalior fort.

5.Kota: From the beauty of palaces and gardens to the prestige of entrance examinations. Kota is altogether an educational and beautiful place.It is the third biggest city of Rajasthan. Kota was initially a part of the Rajput king’s kingdom.With a strong history come suspenseful stories.

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