Weekend Trips In Madhya Pradesh

Weekend trips in Madhya Pradesh


Seoni is a majestic island eminent for it’s use as the setting in the novel of Jungle Book. It has a mysterious past of sorcerers. Seoni tourism offers the largest soil dam of Asia – Bhimgarh Sanjay Sarovar Dam. The pench tiger reserve located in Seoni is doing a great job protecting the tigers and allowing them to thrive.


Jhansi is where the legendary queen, rani laxmibai fought for freedom. A place meant for Indian history geeks. The historical significance of the city has made it an important tourist spot. Jhansi is famous for selling an Indian dish called ‘pani puri’. Jhansi city, situated between the rivers Pahunj and Betwa is a symbol of bravery, courage and self respect.


Chanderi is situated in the lush Vindhya Hills. It is famous for ancient Jain Temples. Apart from it’s natural beauty Chanderi is also famous for a huge fort. You can enjoy hiking to it’s fullest in Chanderi.


Khandwa is known to be a scenic town with a list of shrines and temples. Sightseeing is a great way to spend the day. For religious devotees visiting the temples around is a good pick of activities to spend the day.


Diamond mines are said to be Panna’s speciality for tourism. An offbeat destination defines Panna in many ways. You will see many rich people on the streets. Visit the Pandav Caves for adventure.

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